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A few well engineered thermoplastic components can greatly enhance your product, saving assembly time and making possible a much more professional appearance. Most small manufacturing firms are reluctant to consider injection molding for their product, having heard horror stories of high tooling charges and long lead-times. In the past it hasn't been unusual to spend tens of thousands of dollars designing and building the mold, and it could often take months to get prototype parts.

Fastplastics.com is breaking the mold in plastics manufacturing. We offer an express engineering service that can deliver your prototype parts in as little as 2 weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tool makers. We specialize in short and mid-run injection molding and tool design. If the part you have in mind meets our criteria, we can design the tool and be in production for as little as $2500 up front and in as little as 2 weeks. You may even be able to amortize part of the up-front costs into the per-unit price of the parts.

We engineer and build our tools in a highly automated process with CNC equipment and advanced engineering and manufacturing software that saves us time and money in designing and manufacturing your prototype tool. We build our molds out of aluminum, which machines easier and makes a less expensive tool that is still good for tens of thousands of uses.

Of course many firms offer "prototype" parts, created on computerized stereolithographic machines, but these parts are very fragile and costly. For the typical cost of 10 SLD prototypes, fastplastics.com can deliver you a hundred first-run parts that are REAL. Minor enhancements and custom engraving are easy and inexpensive to add to your fastplastic parts - it's YOUR design.